Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to Wonderland

Some of you know me from all my online shenanigans. Some of you buy my fetish stuff. Some of you accidentally stumbled across this because you googled "hippos, spiderpig, grape juice and pot bellied pigs" and I am the only human being that would combine those things in to one phrase. Regardless of who you are, why youre here, and what you think, be warned. I do not have a filter on my mouth. Im a real bitch, and I couldnt give a fuck less what you think of me. Dont worry about me, just live your own life. Some people like watching mine through the window (do you like my naked dance when I get out of the shower?). Some people like reading so they can try to break me down. I dont mind either way. Just be careful, anything can happen in Wonderland.

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