Monday, August 6, 2012

What Do You Wanna See?

Well, it looks like Im losing my job on Monday. So Im going to be going pretty hardcore with the fetish stuff. Ive been more in to selling used panties lately, but Ill try anything once.
What do my boys want to see?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Fantasy: Part 1

Every night for about a week, Ive been having very similar dreams. I find them odd, because theyre a bit unusual for my normal fetishes. They all have the same basic premise- Im in a cage, inside a human pet store. After god knows how long goes by, an attractive woman with a grudge comes in and buys me. She brings me home and tries to train me, but I fight it. Beating after beating, I still wont just do as she says. Finally after she has me completely immobilized and bright red, I give up, and decide to be a good girl.

It seems its time to go back to that world- good night loves.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wanna Hook Up?

It has recently occurred to me that there is a good chance that at least a few of my readers and clients might want to stay a little more in touch with me. I know when I was doing my whole sock thing on ebay, I had a lot of people ask me for my personal networking info (like facebook), and that was a strict no-no for me. I talk a lot about my work, school, friends and family on my personal networking sites. I have considered creating a facebook, and the like, strictly for my online persona, however, but Im not sure how well that'd go over. Id be hesitant, as a big part of the seller/buyer dynamic in this market is privacy, and as much as I dont want my boss knowing I sell my used socks, panties, etc. online, Im sure you dont want your boss knowing you buy them. I do have a fetlife account, of course, but still have real life friends on there. So, the real question is...
How does everyone feel about this? Any suggestions on how to go about it? Would you be interested?
Comment or email, I dont mind. <3