Monday, August 6, 2012

What Do You Wanna See?

Well, it looks like Im losing my job on Monday. So Im going to be going pretty hardcore with the fetish stuff. Ive been more in to selling used panties lately, but Ill try anything once.
What do my boys want to see?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Fantasy: Part 1

Every night for about a week, Ive been having very similar dreams. I find them odd, because theyre a bit unusual for my normal fetishes. They all have the same basic premise- Im in a cage, inside a human pet store. After god knows how long goes by, an attractive woman with a grudge comes in and buys me. She brings me home and tries to train me, but I fight it. Beating after beating, I still wont just do as she says. Finally after she has me completely immobilized and bright red, I give up, and decide to be a good girl.

It seems its time to go back to that world- good night loves.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wanna Hook Up?

It has recently occurred to me that there is a good chance that at least a few of my readers and clients might want to stay a little more in touch with me. I know when I was doing my whole sock thing on ebay, I had a lot of people ask me for my personal networking info (like facebook), and that was a strict no-no for me. I talk a lot about my work, school, friends and family on my personal networking sites. I have considered creating a facebook, and the like, strictly for my online persona, however, but Im not sure how well that'd go over. Id be hesitant, as a big part of the seller/buyer dynamic in this market is privacy, and as much as I dont want my boss knowing I sell my used socks, panties, etc. online, Im sure you dont want your boss knowing you buy them. I do have a fetlife account, of course, but still have real life friends on there. So, the real question is...
How does everyone feel about this? Any suggestions on how to go about it? Would you be interested?
Comment or email, I dont mind. <3

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The past 4 days have been the most death defying days Ive ever been through. My brakes on my car decided to quit working, that really sucked. Then on Sunday, I earned myself a trip to the Emergency Room, thinking I had appendicitus. The good news is my appendix is fine... The bad news? I may be getting surgery on my ovary and on my intestine. Bleh. And just when I think I cant stare death in the face... I cut my ankle while shaving!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Facts: Sex

*My fetish clothing often makes my buyers ask about my sexual personality "in real life". I know what theyre really asking-When you get your products ready for me, is it real or just for money? The answer there is a little of both. It is kind of an online persona, so to speak. But I LOVE that persona's fetishes. In my personal life, I am bisexual with a preference to dominant women, and occassionally men. I am also, -in my personal life-, really in to making men feel as worthless as my mistress makes me feel. I know Im damn good at what I do, and the confidence is worth its weight in the sweaty socks I sell, or the panties Ive creamed all over. So yes, while my online persona does not have the same interests as who I am normally, I do truely enjoy knowing that worthless little small dicks are trying to lick the cream off my panties.
*I like job offers more than I like sales. While I love auctioning off my filthy panties, my favorite jobs have been from my special requests. I remember the day I had man offer me $20 for a few pics of my feet covered in baby oil. I sent him about 30, because I was so excited. Another man bought a pair of my underwear, and offered me an additional $75 to include a hand written note with instructions for him to follow involving my panties. I think thats been one of my favorites.
*In my submissive time, I love being a pet. From collars and leashes to crates to obedience training. I love it all.
*While my limits are few, some are simple: I dont do poop, and rarely do pee.
*I am a legitimate nymphomaniac. Thats a big reason I quit selling socks for awhile. I was seeking treatment, and stepping back for a while was supposed to help. It did the opposite, and Im about to come back hardcore.
*My nipples can take an insane amount of pain. You can twist, pull, smack, pinch or bite them all you want, and Ill hardly flinch.
*When it comes to my submisive side, I need a man or woman that is more intelligent than I am... And isnt afraid to show it.
*I love anal.
*Ideal man/woman ratio in an orgy/gangbang: 2 men and 4 women, all dominant to me

Friday, July 27, 2012

I Should be Dead

I almost died today. I was going about 60 mph when my brakes decided to quit working, on a busy road, in traffic. I blew a wheel cylinder, so my pedal just went straight to the floor. I should be dead, and yet I walked away without so much as a scratch.
Ive decided Im going to start living again. I havent sold socks and the like for months. Ive been too consumed with work to even think about it. I dropped all my classes for the fall semester. I hardly have time to breathe. But tomorrow, its all changing. Im starting the sock business back up, and going harder than before. My panties wont be by request only any more, and Ill be more open to requests. What do I have to lose? Time to start living again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to Wonderland

Some of you know me from all my online shenanigans. Some of you buy my fetish stuff. Some of you accidentally stumbled across this because you googled "hippos, spiderpig, grape juice and pot bellied pigs" and I am the only human being that would combine those things in to one phrase. Regardless of who you are, why youre here, and what you think, be warned. I do not have a filter on my mouth. Im a real bitch, and I couldnt give a fuck less what you think of me. Dont worry about me, just live your own life. Some people like watching mine through the window (do you like my naked dance when I get out of the shower?). Some people like reading so they can try to break me down. I dont mind either way. Just be careful, anything can happen in Wonderland.