Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Facts: Sex

*My fetish clothing often makes my buyers ask about my sexual personality "in real life". I know what theyre really asking-When you get your products ready for me, is it real or just for money? The answer there is a little of both. It is kind of an online persona, so to speak. But I LOVE that persona's fetishes. In my personal life, I am bisexual with a preference to dominant women, and occassionally men. I am also, -in my personal life-, really in to making men feel as worthless as my mistress makes me feel. I know Im damn good at what I do, and the confidence is worth its weight in the sweaty socks I sell, or the panties Ive creamed all over. So yes, while my online persona does not have the same interests as who I am normally, I do truely enjoy knowing that worthless little small dicks are trying to lick the cream off my panties.
*I like job offers more than I like sales. While I love auctioning off my filthy panties, my favorite jobs have been from my special requests. I remember the day I had man offer me $20 for a few pics of my feet covered in baby oil. I sent him about 30, because I was so excited. Another man bought a pair of my underwear, and offered me an additional $75 to include a hand written note with instructions for him to follow involving my panties. I think thats been one of my favorites.
*In my submissive time, I love being a pet. From collars and leashes to crates to obedience training. I love it all.
*While my limits are few, some are simple: I dont do poop, and rarely do pee.
*I am a legitimate nymphomaniac. Thats a big reason I quit selling socks for awhile. I was seeking treatment, and stepping back for a while was supposed to help. It did the opposite, and Im about to come back hardcore.
*My nipples can take an insane amount of pain. You can twist, pull, smack, pinch or bite them all you want, and Ill hardly flinch.
*When it comes to my submisive side, I need a man or woman that is more intelligent than I am... And isnt afraid to show it.
*I love anal.
*Ideal man/woman ratio in an orgy/gangbang: 2 men and 4 women, all dominant to me

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